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premium wordPress themes - visualmodo wordPressWith more and more web users becoming increasingly savvy as they navigate and learn the internet it will undoubtedly become easier for many of these individuals to sabotage you or your company by dragging your name through mud. High quality premium wordPress themes – visualmodo wordPress sites builder.

There is a new beast within the internet that is slowly emerging and it is the ability to become one giant whistle blowing tool, and people are starting to use it!

Out of all the many industries lawyers in particular need to be weary and keep a watchful eye on their online brand management. Lawyer Reputation Management is extremely important because one angry client could drastically hurt your practice and affect your livelihood and jeopardize your career. Reputation management does not have to be a reactive approach but it can also be done on a proactive approach. When a potential client seeks legal help they will research your firm or your name and if any negative comes it could cost you that client.

All it takes is one disgruntled employee or client to really tarnish your name online and once this happens it requires a strategic plan of attack catered towards your specific situation. Brand and reputation management is not something that should be ignored. It is important to keep an eye out your online reputation because there is a lot at stake whether you are a lawyer or any other professional seeking clients.

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Premium WordPress Themes – How A Minisite Can Make You Money

Minisites are coming back into vogue. In the early days of the Internet, most websites were small sites – 3-10 pages. People were learning to build websites and optimize them for search traffic. In the late 1990s, supersites starting gaining more power and by 2005 it was pretty well established that large supersites were the way to go for massive traffic and niche domination. But savvy Internet marketers and now starting to understand that you can accomplish the same goal with hundreds of minisites that dominate a niche.

Here’s what you do to make killer minisites that make you money:

  • Do great keyword research as part of your on site search engine optimization.
  • Identify long tail keywords that have little competition but are growing in search popularity.
  • Create your minisite using your long tail keyword and 2-5 related keywords; make sure each page is optimized to one keyword.
  • Drive traffic to your minisite with a blog, articles, Twitter, social bookmarking, pay per click advertising, and social networking sites.
  • Be sure to track everything with a solid analytics program.

If you build one successful minisite for your niche, you can go on to build more minisites that make you money and dominate your niche.

Premium WordPress Themes – Where Should Online Marketers Go In A Recession?

Follow the news and you’ll just in circles. In 1998, Google was a startup, but by 2001 it was hot. Facebook kicked off in 2004 but it went hot by 2006. MySpace was hot a few years ago (2005). Now, it’s Craigslist.

The No. 2 search engine is YouTube. The top 3 most profitable companies online are Google, Amazon, and Yahoo!. All of these companies are great places to search in their own right. So where should you go today to market your products and services?

Obviously, you can’t ignore Google. But what about YouTube? I suppose you can do without video marketing, but why should you?

Then there’s Yahoo! and Flickr. A good number of searchers still hang out on Yahoo! They upload photos. The also browse Craigslist. Amazon offers companies a way to sell their products on consignment. And Facebook will allow you to network socially and build pages that achieve search engine optimization prominence.

The question of where to market yourself is as elusive as the answer. Really, you should be where your customers are. That’s why the search engines are always a good bet, but just building websites for search prominence isn’t the only way to get into the search engines. Listing your products on Craigslist or Amazon or building pages at Facebook and MySpace could get you those search listings as well. The real answer is to market yourself in more than one direction. Don’t slow down. Use all the guns you can get your hands on.